Company Profile

We are one of the leading Earth Retaining Structure System (ERSS) works contractors for installation and extraction of ERSS structures in Singapore and we have been established in Singapore for over ten years. We also provide geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring services to our customers to improve conditions of the construction sites. Together with the two types of scope of works/services. With respect to the aforesaid scope of works/services, our projects encompass various public sector and private sector projects such as the MRT Circle Line project, power grid project, drainage works, housing development projects from the Housing & Development Board of Singapore (HDB) and deep tunnel sewage system works from the Public Utilities Board of Singapore (PUB).

Our experienced management team under the leadership of our founders has nurtured the growth of our Group since its establishment in 2007, and the successful bidding of various prominent public sector and private sector projects, has enabled us to establish a solid project track record of our Group.

We also strive to be at the forefront of Singapore’s ERSS works and geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring services industry developments and therefore we continuously tender for projects from both public sector and private sector to keep our Group abreast of the latest market movements and regulatory environment.

Vision Statements

To be recognized as the preferred specialist builder of choice with quality services in Singapore.

To be a leading services provider with continuous improvements and deliver excellent quality and reliable services with integrity to our valued clients.

Mission Statements

We are committed towards global sustainability, safety, quality excellence and value creation for all our stakeholder.

We aim to provide one-stop value engineering solution from design, planning, to execution of ERSS works.

We constantly strive to provide the best quality services with integrity to our valued clients, by our team of trained, competent, and responsible team.